May 292015

Fatigue and Insomnia

During this latest flare-up I have had a major problem with fatigue and insomnia, In fact for all of February and March I was living on no more than 4 hours of sleep a night. I was given 14 sleeping tablets by the doctor but even using them I would only get 6 hours sleep and I would still feel like I hadn’t slept any way. I tried some herbal tablets which helped a small amount for a while but then seemed to have no affect after a while. After discussing with my doctor it was decided there wasn’t anything to be done about it as the insomnia was drug induced thanks to the steroids and would improve as the dose was reduced. In April it did improve as the steroids were reduced and I managed to get a average of 5 hours sleep a night, still not great but every bit of sleep helps.
Since getting my first dose of Infliximab I have been getting an average of 6 hours sleep with just the odd night with only 4 hours sleep. Even though I’m getting more sleep now I still wake up feeling just as tired as before I went to sleep, even the smallest bit of exercise (walking to the shop) makes me feel like I’ve done a full workout and requires I take a rest. I’m also struggling with brain fog and if I don’t write it down I can easily forget it at the moment. I’m hoping once my flare-up is fully under control things will go back to normal.

fatigue and insomnia

You can find further info and measure your fatigue at Crohn’s and Colitis UK ‘Fatigue in IBD’ project website. For info my current fatigue level is severe Fatigue but the score is slowly going down each month.