Jul 042015

So last week I went in to hospital to have most of my teeth removed, the plan was to leave my front few teeth top and bottom so I could eat some food.

Teeth surgery

So the day started early, I got up around 5am and travelled to the hospital with my parents. I was admitted around 8am and spent the next 45 minutes going over what medication I was on and my history with the surgeon then the anaesthesiologist and finally the nurse. It was decided that due to the risk of infection they would pump me full of antibiotics to reduce the risks as much as possible.
So I went down to the theatre room around 9am and was given some gas and air to relax me before being given the General Anaesthetic by gas, and that’s the last thing I remember. I was told I left theatre around 12:00pm and woke up in the recovery area at 12:30pm, I remember shivering and being giving a blanket before being taken back to the ward. The next thing I remember was waking up around 2:30pm and just sort of dosing, the nurse come and took the dressings out of my mouth and got me some water and an energy drink . The energy drink was a Fortijuce as that’s the only one which doesn’t contain milk.

The ward I was on was male only so my mum couldn’t sit with me but when the last patient left the ward around 3pm they let her in. I had to drink the energy drink and the water before they would release me, now it can be hard drinking when one part of your mouth is numb but try it with your whole mouth being numb. When my mum come and joined me I learned how many teeth had been taken, it was a whooping 19 teeth. I had lost all of the top teeth and only had 5 teeth left on the bottom front left side, so chewing is out of the window until I get the plate with false teeth. I currently get to enjoy cuppa soup with small bits of bread, some baby food and a supply of Fortijuce drinks. I was discharged around 4pm and sent home to bed to rest more.


I was given a local anaesthetics to help with the pain at the start and then I was advised to take the full dose of my pain killers for at least the first week, my pain killer was 30mg codeine with 500mg paracetamol 2 tablets every 6 hours. I also have the fall back that if the pain is too much I can take Tramadol to help.
The first few days I actually felt quite good and had very little pain as long as I kept my mouth moist and didn’t touch my gums.
Now a week on I have reduced the pain killers and only get minor bouts of pain but the gums seem to be healing nicely.

Now just waiting on the dentist to decide when the gums have healed enough, probably another 5 weeks or so before I get a plate of false teeth. The only problem I have had is talking clearly, to start with it was very hard to understand but as each day goes on its got better and now I’m almost back to normal. I think I have been very lucky as most people are surprised at how fast I recovered and how little it seemed to hurt but I’m sure it would of been much worse without the pain killers, anyway I’m off for some soup.