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World IPv6 day

What is World IPv6 day? - It is a trial period where a number of major web sites will provide their content on both IPv4 and IPv6. This is being sponsored by the Internet Society (ISOC) more information is posted on their World IPv6 Day page.

What is the point? - The goal is to motivate organizations across the industry – Internet service providers, hardware makers, operating system vendors and web companies – to prepare their services for IPv6 to ensure a successful transition as IPv4 addresses run out.

When is World IPv6 Day? - It is scheduled for 8 June 2011, This is a 24 hour event from 0000 to 2359 UTC.

Will World IPv6 Day impact internet users? - The aim of World IPv6 Day is to expose potential issues under controlled conditions and address them as soon as possible. The vast majority of users should be able to access services as usual, but in rare cases, mis-configured or misbehaving network equipment, particularly in home networks, may impair access to participating websites during the trial. Current estimates are that 0.05% of users may experience such problems, but participating organizations will be working together with operating system manufacturers, home router vendors and ISPs to minimize the number of users affected.

How can i check im ready for World IPv6 Day? - Internet users can visit an IPv6 test site to check if their connectivity will be impacted. If the test indicates a problem, they can ask their ISPs to help fix the problem.

What can organizations do to join World IPv6 Day? - The Internet Society (ISOC) welcome additional participants. Find out How to Participate.

Who is taking part? - Some big names like google, youtube, facebook, yahoo, plus loads of others. For a full list see List of Participants.